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Department I – Excavation of energy raw materials and safety of underground buildings

Insures the performance of supreme supervision over operational safety, safety and protection of health during work, underground fire protection and work conditions during:

  1. a) Searching, exploration, opening and mining to deposits, safety and destruction of mine works in the underground, incl. Leaching, excavation of oil and gas, drilling and geophysical works and during surface excavations of brown coal.
  2. b) Unique interventions into the earth's crust when securing and disposing of old mine works, incl. their safety maintenance.
  3. c) Securing and disposing of mining works built for the functions set out by a)
  4. d) The establishment and operation of waste piles and dumps, especially while carrying out the activities listed in a).
  5. e) Engineering-geological and hydro-geological surveys of the underground.
  6. f) Mechanical drilling of boreholes deeper than 30m.
  7. g) Collection of natural curative and table mineral waters in mine sites underground
  8. h) Underground works carried-out in a mining way while excavating trenches and wells, galleries and tunnels and other underground areas with a capacity over 300m3.
  9. i) Work securing the stability of underground spaces
  10. j) Work enabling access to caves and work related to their maintenance in a safe state
  11. k) Mining rescue service operations

Oversees the functionality of mining rescue stations, sets their location and the area of their competency,

Verifies professional competency and issues certificates for commercial mines, certificates (ID’s) for chief mine surveyors, revision technicians and technical experts, and verifies professional competency of lead workers of main mining rescue stations,

Observes and prepares precautions in areas of injury and accidents, namely accidents and break-downs of technical equipment,

Keeps records of fatal, severe or group injuries and operational accidents, as well as records of commercial mines, certain technical experts, workplaces and institutions, revision technicians of certain technical equipment and project engineers of certain technical equipment, which they have been given certifications for,

Carries-out inspections of mine survey documentation,

Performs tasks in the development and harmonization of technical norms, cooperates in the drafting of rules for the demonstration of conformity between products and technical equipment.



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